Three Tips From Santa That Make Moving During The Holiday Season Easier

Moving is stressful at any time of the year, but more so during the holiday season. You're so busy packing and planning for you move that you don't have a lot of time to create a plan for your family's holiday festivities. Fortunately, some simple advice from Santa can help you simplify your move so that you don't have to delay your holiday celebration.

Make a List and Check it Twice

When you're planning a move during the holiday season, a three-subject notebook is your best friend. Use one section for things related to the house you're moving from, one section for things related to your new home, and one section for holiday planning. This way, everything you need is organized in one place. To organize your notebook:

  • Print out a monthly and/or weekly calendar, and tape it to the inside cover to keep track of where you need to be on different days.
  • Create a separate to-do list for each section. Creating one big to-do list can be overwhelming. When you create a separate to-do list for each section, it helps keep you focused.
  • Use your notebook to create inventory lists as you pack. Simply number your boxes as your go. Then write the box number on the top of the page, and list the box's contents below. This way you can find things easily when you get to your new place. Also you'll know exactly how many boxes you have so it's easy to double-check that they all made it onto the moving truck.
  • Write down any holiday recipes that you plan to use so that you aren't searching for recipe books during your move. Also, use your notebook to keep track of your holiday shopping.

Keep Your Little Elves Busy

Keep your children involved during your holiday move so that they aren't worried that they'll miss out on the holiday fun. Just letting your child know what's going to happen each day will keep his mind at ease. But don't just talk to your children about moving; put your little elves to work. Your kids can help you:

  • Pack and organize boxes
  • Separate items that you don't need so that you can donate them
  • Clean your old home out once your belongings are gone
  • Make sure the boxes get into the correct rooms at your new house

Stay Jolly

Don't let the stress of your move keep you from joining the holiday festivities. In order to keep your holiday traditions intact during your move, you need to set aside time for your family. Save time by:

  • Doing your holiday shopping online. Just make sure you ship your gifts to the right location.
  • Choosing the gift wrap option when you're ordering gifts online.
  • Moving only your necessities into your new home so that you aren't buried in boxes. Keep the rest of your belongings in a self-storage unit until after the holidays.
  • Planning ahead. Move everything you need for your holiday celebration first so that it's easy to find and ready to use.

Moving during the holidays isn't ideal, but it doesn't have to alter your family plans. With a little planning and help from your family, it's easy to get everything done so that your family can enjoy the holidays.