4 Things To Keep In Mind When Renting A Storage Unit For Your Vehicle

If you have a vehicle that you will not be using during the winter time, such as a sports car or an open-top Jeep, instead of just letting this vehicle sit outside in the cold all winter, you should protect it by keeping it inside of a storage unit. Here are four things you need to keep in mind when renting and preparing a storage unit for your vehicle.

#1 Rent An Indoor Storage Unit

When storing your vehicle, you don't want to just rent a covered outside space for your vehicle; that is not much better than just letting it sit outside. Instead, rent a storage space that is more akin to a garage; you should be able to drive inside of the storage unit and park your vehicle. Make sure that the ground in the storage unit is made out of cement and not dirty; a cement floor will be easier for you to keep clean and will be better for your vehicle.

#2 Cover The Floor

It is a good idea to make sure that your vehicle is protected from moisture. You can do this by laying down a moisture barrier on the floor. This will help prevent moisture from getting on the bottom side of your vehicle. For a moisture barrier, you can put a tarp, plastic sheet or canvas cloth on the ground and park your vehicle on top of this moisture barrier.

#3 Cover Your Vehicle

You should also cover up your vehicle. This will help keep moisture off of your vehicle and help prevent your vehicle from developing rust. Putting a cover on your vehicle will also help keep dust and dirt off of your vehicle, which will help preserve the paint job on your vehicle.

Make sure that the cover is tight fitting but also allows your vehicle to breathe.

#4 Fight Back Against Pests

Various rodents and pest like to take up residence in vehicles that are unoccupied. You can help make your vehicle a less appealing place to hang out though. Purchase two balls of steel wool, and place one ball in the air inlet and place the other ball in the exhaust pipe. Then, take some regular fabric softener sheets and put them inside of your vehicle, including the trunk and the cabin of your vehicle. Then, take some moth balls and sprinkle them outside of your vehicle around the perimeter.

Rodents and pests don't enjoy these smells, and this will help ensure that no unwanted guests take up residence in your vehicle this winter while it is in storage. For more information, talk to a professional like Penn  Plaza Self Storage.