5 Tips For Maximizing Your Storage Unit Space

Your new storage unit seems enormous—until you get most of your stuff inside of it. Without good planning, even the most cavernous of storage spaces can seem starved for space. Here are a few tips you can use to maximize the available space you have in your storage unit.

Box It Up

Anything of yours that can fit inside a cardboard box should go inside of those boxes. It's one of the most efficient ways of maximizing the space inside of your storage unit. Don't forget to seal and label each box with a roll of packing tape and a marker.

After boxing everything up, make sure those boxes are stacked according to their size, with the largest boxes on the bottom and the smallest boxes up top.

Break It Down

Many pieces of furniture, including tables, desks and certain types of chairs, can be disassembled and stored in their broken-down state. Storing your furniture this way can help save valuable storage space. Just remember to keep the various nuts, bolts and other parts for each piece of furniture nearby in a clearly marked and secured plastic bag.

Fill Those Drawers

Empty drawers in your desk, dresser or nightstand represent wasted space. Try putting this space to good use by filling them with clothing or other various odds and ends. If you have empty bookshelves, don't hesitate to fill them with books, magazines, small boxes, and other items.

Stack Taller and Longer Items Near Walls

If you have any mattresses, tall shelving, dressers, or appliances to store, you should keep these items along the walls of your storage unit. This will keep your longer, taller and bulkier items out of the way and make it easier to navigate your storage unit. Mattresses should be stored height-wise, but only if there's little to no risk of it tipping over.

Consider Vacuum Packing Clothes and Bedding

You can fold them as much as you want, but clothes and bedding can still take up a surprising amount of usable space. Vacuum packing your clothes can help you save valuable space and make your storage more efficient. Vacuum packing can also protect your clothes from insects, rodents, and mildew caused by excess moisture.

You can vacuum pack just about any article of clothing or bedding, with a few exceptions. Items containing genuine down feathers shouldn't be vacuum packed, as the process can permanently deform the feathers. Suits and any other article of clothing that you want to remain crease-free should be stored in another manner as well.