Three Things You Can Do To Promote Self-Storage Safety

Many self-storage units have excellent amenities designed to keep your belongings safe. But before you choose any storage unit in particular, be sure that you check the following three items off of your list to ensure that you're promoting safety for your items.

Make Sure the Unit is Well-Equipped for Theft Prevention

Theft prevention can happen in many ways within a self-storage facility. The exact measures used may depend on whether the storage unit is indoors or outdoors, for one. Outdoor units may be more vulnerable to trespassers, so check to see if there is a guard on the premises and what other kinds of access control systems there are, such as coded gates. The locking system can also help deter thieves, especially if it has an electronic locking mechanism. For example, if your storage facility has a key code, it may be programmed to let a manager know when the code has been entered incorrectly more than once, You'll have the locking system on your side to help you know when your security has been compromised.

You might also want to know what kinds of alarms are present within the unit. It's a great idea to rent a self-storage unit with individual alarms that will alert security guards as to the exact location of a break-in.

Check What Fire Safety Measures Are in Place

Fire safety can also happen in a number of ways. The simplest is if the units have a fire wall of some sort between them to prevent fire from spreading from one unit to another. Sometimes the building materials will also have flame retardant qualities. You may also want to check for the presence of smoke detectors in your unit as well as fire alarms. Another factor is whether there are staff on the premises around the clock. If a fire alarm goes off, will there be someone there to alert the police right away or even use a fire extinguisher?

Prevent Damage Within Your Unit

Finally, there are things that you can do to protect items within your own unit. The first is to be careful about what you put in storage. To avoid damage, stack boxes neatly on carts so that nothing falls. Avoid putting items in storage that could easily break, such as fragile glass that's sensitive to temperature changes. Don't store anything that could potentially create a pest problem, such as open food sources.

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