Maximizing Your Storage Unit Space

If you are planning to rent a storage unit to house some of your personal belongings, you will most likely have intentions of organizing your things so they can be found easily whenever you need to stop by your unit to retrieve something. While most people start off with this mindset, they may quickly find that their items have overtaken the space allotted for their safekeeping. Here are a few ways you can maximize the amount of space your storage unit provides so you do not find yourself walking into a jumbled pile of belongings when you go inside.

Do Not Allow Drawers And Cabinets To Go To Waste

Utilize all spaces within furniture to place smaller items. Instead of allowing these spaces to remain empty, they can be filled with silverware, knick-knacks, paperwork, or other items you worry may become damaged if left out in an open area. Drawers and cabinets are also great hiding spots for valuables. Simply place other items on top of valuable items to help mask them from view if someone happens to get into your storage unit. Locking file drawers can also be used as a space-saving area.

Consider Using Shelving Units Along The Unit's Walls

Instead of stacking boxes on top of one another, consider using shelving units to house these items instead. This is safer for your items, as they will not topple over if weight is distributed unevenly. Shelving units will also aid in the organization of your items so they can be more easily found. Metal shelving units are relatively inexpensive if they are purchased in a form where you need to assemble them on your own. These can be placed along the walls of your storage unit to expand the amount of space you use within the space.

Invest In A Pegboard And Hooks To Utilize Walls And Ceilings

A pegboard can be purchased to place on a wall or ceiling of your storage unit. Ask the manager before doing any type of installation where you need to alter the interior of your unit. Double-sided tape can be applied to the pegboard should you wish to hang it from the walls. Hardware will be necessary if you want to hang it from the ceiling. Hooks can be placed in some of the holes in the board, allowing you to hang some of your smaller items so they can be kept in view instead of being stuffed inside of a box or drawer. The pegboard will also allow you to utilize space that may remain unused otherwise.