6 Tips For Making Your Local Move Safe For Pets

If you have pets, you know that even subtle changes can create stress. Moving is no exception, and many cats, dogs, and other pets struggle with intense stress during moves. Protecting all members of your family, including the furry ones, is essential for making your move a successful one. These tips will help to make your move physically and emotionally safe for your beloved pets.

1. Move your pets last, keeping them in a safe room until it is time to leave.

A safe room encourages your pet to relax and keeps them physically out of the way while you carry furniture and heavy boxes outside.

2. Be wary of aggression that occurs during stressful events.

Even the most peaceful animal can start to act out when they feel scared or stressed out. It is important to keep other animals and children away if you notice more aggression than usual.

3. Reinforce good behavior in pets as soon as they arrive at the new home.

Treats, belly rubs, and new toys are great ways to show your pet that this new house is a fantastic place to relax. 

4. Check that the new house is pet-proof before you bring your furry friends over.

Certain items can be harmful to a pet, so it is important that you remove them before you move your pet over. These include certain types of houseplants, like lilies. You may need to look over cords and boxes of house cleaners, ensuring they are not accessible to your pet.

5. Bring familiar smells to the home first.

Pets are frequently comforted by familiar smells, and bringing items that will make the new house smell familiar will definitely ease the transition and make it much less stressful.

6. Take photos of the house before bringing the pets in for security deposit purposes.

This one is more for your own good than for your pet's, but it is just as important. Make sure that you take photos of the house to show off its condition before you ever bring your pet over to the house. This is to prevent a landlord from claiming that your pet caused damage to the house.

Moving your pets is likely going to cause some struggle, but there is no reason to fear the transition. Your pets are sure to bond well with the new house just as they did in the old one. You can help to move the process along.