How To Prepare For A Long Distance Move

Long distance movers specialize in transporting your belongings from state to state, or even from country to country in some cases. However, due to the extended nature of the move, you need to prepare your belongings properly to protect them from damage and minimize inconveniences during the process. Here's a list of a few things to keep in mind while preparing for a long distance move.

Cleaning Outdoor Items

For any outdoor items, especially patio furniture and grills, you should clean them thoroughly using a mixture of one part bleach and three parts warm water. This will kill any mold and mildew spores which may be attached and prevent any pest eggs from hatching while your belongings are in transport. This prevents an infestation of mold and bugs from taking over the entirety of your stuff.

Proper Mattress Moving

You should always pack your mattress in a hard box. While a mattress cover or bag will protect against pests and moisture, it will do nothing to keep your mattress in good shape. A box will prevent your mattress from becoming lumpy because of things sitting on it for an extended period of time and will also protect it from damage that comes from movement while in transport.

Avoid Food and Liquids

Don't pack any food if you're about to start a long distance move. Even non-perishable food in cans can be damaged or crushed and leak out onto furniture and fabrics. You should also avoid packing any liquids, like paint or dishwashing liquid, which can pop open and cover other items in the truck. Either keep these items with you, or buy them once you get to your new location.

Mark the Boxes

You should be extremely organized while packing for a long distance move. Since a lot of companies will take the belongings of multiple homeowners in the same truck, you should write a name on each of your boxes. In a similar vein, you should also be sure to mark what is in each box to help expedite the unpacking process at the other end.


If you've got valuable belongings that you're worried about becoming damaged or lost, you may want to purchase moving insurance. A number of different plans are available, each of which covers different types of damages and pays out a different value, so talk to your moving company to figure out which moving insurance plan works best for your needs.