Five Simple Tips For Storing Your RV For The First Time

If you've finally reached a point where you don't think you'll be using your RV for a few months, then it may be time to put it in storage. There are plenty of RV storage facilities that will provide shelter for your vehicle for anywhere from a month to several years, but finding a facility is the easy part of RV storage. You should also follow these tips to ensure the vehicle remains in good condition throughout its stay.

Wax it first.

Before you put the RC into storage, have it fully cleaned, and then apply a generous coat of wax. The wax will help keep too much dust from settling onto it and will also minimize the micro-scratches that develop in the paint if anything brushes against your RV. When you do take the RV out of storage, the presence of wax will make washing dust off much easier.

Leave the roof vents open.

Trapping too much moisture inside the RV will just encourage the upholstery and other soft materials to mold. The easiest way to keep moisture levels down is to leave the roof vents open while the vehicle is in storage. Also make sure you air the RV out completely after you clean the interior.

Keep the shades up.

If you roll down all of the shades, you'll make the environment inside the RV even darker, which makes it more appealing to mold and also insects. Roll the shades up or pull the drapes back before you store the RV, and you'll have fewer problems with these pests. If you're worried about others looking into the RV, invest in some "day shades" that let in light but block sight.

Turn off the battery disconnect switch.

Some appliances will still drain electricity from the battery even if they are turned off. To ensure you don't come back to a dead battery, just turn the power off to the RV at the battery disconnect switch. This switch is typically located right next to the battery.

Disinfect the plumbing system.

To prevent mold and grime from growing in the RVs pipes, it's very important to completely clean out the tanks -- including the waste tanks -- a few days before storage. After rinsing them with water, run a bleach and water solution through the tanks and the pipes. Then, give them a few days to air dry before putting your RV into storage. 

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