Three Things You Can Do To Promote Self-Storage Safety

Many self-storage units have excellent amenities designed to keep your belongings safe. But before you choose any storage unit in particular, be sure that you check the following three items off of your list to ensure that you're promoting safety for your items. Make Sure the Unit is Well-Equipped for Theft Prevention Theft prevention can happen in many ways within a self-storage facility. The exact measures used may depend on whether the storage unit is indoors or outdoors, for one. Read More 

5 Tips For Maximizing Your Storage Unit Space

Your new storage unit seems enormous—until you get most of your stuff inside of it. Without good planning, even the most cavernous of storage spaces can seem starved for space. Here are a few tips you can use to maximize the available space you have in your storage unit. Box It Up Anything of yours that can fit inside a cardboard box should go inside of those boxes. It's one of the most efficient ways of maximizing the space inside of your storage unit. Read More 

Tips For Staying Out Of The Way Of Your Moving Crew

Hiring a moving crew to help you on the day of your big move will make things dramatically easier, but if you're moving out of a small house, it's important that the space doesn't get cluttered. Getting in the way of the moving crew can slow down the progress being made, which is the last thing you want on a day that is already busy. With the right approach, you'll be able to get your work done without interfering with your moving crew, which will allow the entire day to progress seamlessly. Read More 

4 Things To Keep In Mind When Renting A Storage Unit For Your Vehicle

If you have a vehicle that you will not be using during the winter time, such as a sports car or an open-top Jeep, instead of just letting this vehicle sit outside in the cold all winter, you should protect it by keeping it inside of a storage unit. Here are four things you need to keep in mind when renting and preparing a storage unit for your vehicle. #1 Rent An Indoor Storage Unit Read More 

3 Ways To Reduce Your Long-Distance Moving Costs

If you are moving to more than an hour away from your home, and are undergoing a long distance move, such as one from the Midwest to the west coast, your moving expenses can quickly escalate. Here are three tips that should help you reduce your long-distance moving costs. Hire Local Help To Pack Up Your Home Packing up your home can take up a lot of time. Often times, when you hire the same company to pack up your belongings that is moving your belongings, you may face higher moving costs. Read More